Sunday, September 27, 2009

PPR Update

I passed my PPR exam with flying colors! The only step left to getting my certification is completing my student teaching.

I'm enjoying my time at Trinity so much--I love the kids and my mentor teacher so much! I thank the Lord for this place He has me this fall--truely my Father knows what is best for me. Next week I add the 2 year old class to the 3 year old and 2nd grade I've been teaching for the past two weeks. Only 9 more weeks to go!

Friday, September 18, 2009

First Newsletter

I'm posting my first newsletter here--a lot of people have already seen this on Facebook or been e-mailed this. I've been told some people have had trouble leaving comments--I'm trying to get that fixed, but please let me know if you have further problems. Thanks so much for all your support--it means so much to me. What a blessing to belong to the family of God!


Dear Friends and Family,

It seems hard to believe that just over a year ago I had just graduated from college and just started my two summer jobs. This fall is shaping up to be quite a busy time for me—in mid-August I will change positions at Michael’s from Support Specialist to Front End Supervisor and start working evenings because of student teaching. I also plan to continuing teaching piano from my home as well as joining the music faculty at the Mobberly Baptist Academy of Performing Arts one evening a week. In the midst of all that I will also be finishing up my all level music certification and possibly adding the 4-8 Generalist as well.

As many of you know, I did a lot of soul searching the spring before I graduated about what the Lord had for me—I applied for, auditioned at, and was accepted into Baylor University’s graduate program to study Piano Pedagogy, but it just didn’t feel right. The financial end of things didn’t work out, and it was with some relief that I realized that God had closed that door. The more I thought about what I wanted to do, the more sure I became that I was called to return to Sakeji mission school as a full time teacher. I spent the summer of 2006 serving at Sakeji and at the time I considered returning becoming a full time teacher there, but as I had two more years of school I filed that away as a possible option.

Once I accepted the Lord’s call to return to Sakeji, I began to explore options for getting my teachers certification. LeTourneau University has an accelerated, post- baccalaureate program that allows people already holding degrees to get their certification in as little as one year. I started my coursework last August and now have a few weeks left on my last class before I am done with the actual courses. This June I have passed my music exam, and will taking my PPR exam at the end of this month.

I was very excited to get placed at Trinity Episcopal School for student teaching—I will be working with the lower school students. Once I finish up my certification, the tentative plan is to leave the US around New Years, Lord willing, and hitch a ride to Sakeji with the Ronalds who will be returning from furlough at the same time. I will then have a little while to get settled in and organized before first term starts. As of now it looks like I’ll be teaching music and middle school English classes as well as filling in wherever else I can help.

I would appreciate your prayers for me as I continue to complete the steps in the process of going to Sakeji. Specifically you can pray for strength as I finish my coursework (and the associated tests!), for all the paperwork to go through quickly (both with my teaching certificate and work visa with Zambia), for many details in moving overseas, and for my spiritual and mental readiness as I prepare to embark on this exciting adventure. There is so much to be done that sometimes it is overwhelming, but I serve a mighty God who strengthens His people to fulfill His will. I will do my best to keep you posted as I set dates and reach goals. Thank you so much for all your love and support—I feel so lucky to know so many amazing people! May the Lord bless you richly in the rest of this year, and may we be found faithful wherever we are called to serve.
Yours in Christ,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Actually teaching!

Today was the second day I taught the second graders at Trinity. I learned from Monday's mistakes and feel much better about my performance. Teaching was somewhat complicated by my sore throat/gland thing, but by God's grace I had enough voice left by 1 to sing not only the national anthem, but the other two songs they are working on for family day. I love these kids so much already--their unique points of view, personalities, and the way they make me laugh will make leaving in December hard.

I have been so blessed by my student teaching placement--I have a WONDERFUL mentor teacher and a whole school of teachers who are willing and able to help me prepare as much as I can for my Sakeji adventure. I'm learning a lot--I still wish I had been able to take some music ed classes, but I think I'll be alright.

I got an e-mail today telling me that my work permit paperwork arrived safely in Zambia (YES!) and all I need to is get them a Police Clearance certificate which luckily I already have because I had to go through an extensive background check to teach at MAPA this fall. Truly the Lord is good!

Here are some pictures I found as I was putting my presentation together for Sunday-
This was on Sports Day--my friend Candy ended up with an enthralled audience when she started reading. The Zambian kids LOVE to play with our hair--the texture is so strange to them! Unfortunately they are rather rough when brushing it, and all they can do with it is braid it, but its still kind of fun to let them play!
This was the junior boy's Rally cookout--they had a blast running around, gathering sticks, washing in the river, and just being 1-4 grade boys. As you can see, they were rather proud of their fire efforts!
Swimming is a big part of being a kid at Sakeji--of course in the second term you can only swim for about half the time before the water gets so cold you can't breath when your chest hits the water. Yes, I did go swimming at that point, and yes, it took me awhile to warm up again!
This was at the end of term when the kids were eating outside because the parents were in the dinning hall (I think!). So well behaved!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today was my first day of student teaching! I am so excited for this chance to learn, get to know the teachers at Trinity, and glean ideas for when I have a classroom of my very own. The good thing is that I still want to teach small children! (Just not EC!) The hard thing is that I pulled a VERY long day.

Ah well, His grace is sufficient for me.