Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still alive...

This morning as I was walking back into my room I saw a funny something on the hall floor. I decided to take a closer look and to my surprise there was a squished scorpion! It appeared fairly freshly squished, and as I was in bare feet (as I always am in the house), it was a pretty fair guess that I had not done the squishing. Rachel always wears shoes in the house, so I wondered if she had either a) freaked out and managed to kill it without me hearing, or b) in a state of blissful unawareness stepped on it on her way to the bathroom. I asked her at lunch if she had killed a critter in the hall that morning, and she said, "*gasp* No, what was it?!?!?" I can't believe she managed to step full on a scorpion and not notice! I guess it was God's birthday present to her...

We had another great big storm here--I can't wait till the blue skies of dry season roll in! I'm also hoping it dries up as much as possible before Beth and I head off for our town trip. We both want to try and get our Zambian licenses, do some shopping, and have some down time off station. I really enjoyed my Christmas holiday here, but I'm starting to get a little 'station crazy.' It's not like I'm used to being able to go off wherever I want whenever I want, but being so far out in the back of beyond makes you appreciate the simplicity of travel back home!

Well, I'd better go to bed--mushy brains do not a good teacher make!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Yesterday we had an incredible electric storm right as the bell should have been going for dinner. Thankfully the kids were all safe in either the dorm or upper school, because there were deafening peals of thunder and trees around the playground being struck! I was standing outside my classroom (on the covered porch that runs around the upper school) watching the storm when one particularly powerful strike hit. I could hear the wires over my head crackle all the way down to the bulbs at the ends of the hall and then POP. Ceili had been beside me in the hall, but after that crash she dashed into my classroom only to be callously evicted by me. She knows that she is not allowed in buildings, and ever since I found out that she had been locked in the library all Friday afternoon during half-term since she had sneaked into the junior section for a nap on the rug, I haven't been very sympathetic.

Half-term was a great success --we had great weather and safety for all. Some visitors from Chit also came up which was nice. Now it's back to face the last three weeks of school--we're in the home stretch!

Beth and I are preparing to enjoy St. Patrick's day. Any excuse to do something fun with the kids! I think I might get some green cookies made for my class tomorrow...

Well, I had better go--7am supper comes far too early around here!