Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The light is shinning at the end of the tunnel!

Tomorrow is our end of term program, teacher interviews, a baptism, the AGM (annual general meeting), and our big end of term assembly where we give out awards. It's been a crazy ride, but the term is almost done! I see a nap in my future Thursday afternoon... I'll do a 'real' post after I've recovered a bit.

Praise the Lord for His goodness, and His mercies which are new every morning!

Friday, July 8, 2011

FIRE, and a letdown.

Yesterday they started burning the firebreak around the school, and started on the part that is behind my house and by the soccer field. I was a little alarmed to see the billowing clouds of smoke and ash coming from the direction of mi casa, but this was a 'controlled' fire with several of our guys watching it and beating out any errant blazes. There was so much ash falling that it looked like black snow, and the soccer games in progress had to be stopped because they couldn't see the far half of the field. Yay for burning season!

After all the excitement of sports day, it was discovered yesterday that due to a spreadsheet error Fisher had not won Sports day after all, it was in fact Poole. I was just glad that it wasn't faulty score keeping on my part! Oh well, we still got second, and so far we are leading in Academic points.

Only a week and half left of school!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sports Day Snippets

Just a few details about Sports Day 2011 at Sakeji Mission School.

*I was the scorer, so I had my tent and everything out on the field as well as my laptop to punch the scores into a spreadsheet. Are we getting posh or what!

*This was the first Sports Day with our new house system--Fisher, the house I'm a part of placed highest overall, and won the track events. Poole won the field events. Hoyte and Molyneux both did a good job as well.

*I'm going to need to buy a yellow shirt as that is Fisher's color. I tried painting my nails yellow, but it was such an awful color that I had to take it off as soon as I was home for the day. There is only so much I'm willing to do to support my house!

*Being outside in the open air all day is very tiring; I slept like a log!

*We had a couple of minor injuries, and one girl who strained her knee petty good while high jumping. The irony is that we have more injuries on the high jump now that we have a crash mat than we did before when they had to fall into a sand pit.

*I've never heard such a quiet supper before--we should (almost) do this more often.

*Go Fisher!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Crazy Begins...

Only 2 1/2 more weeks of term which means--lots and lots to do! Report cards, interviews, Annual General Meeting (AGM), show, and all those little odds and ends to tie up. I'm doing my best to have as many marks ready to total up before exam week so hopefully I won't be up till midnight on Saturday!

We have had some problems with theft in the last week, but thankfully a lot of the items were recovered, and some good discussions with our workers has come out of it. I didn't have anything go missing, but several other families on station did. Sometimes it's easy to forget that this is a culture that will take anything not bolted down, and that 'nicking' something is fine until you get caught and it becomes stealing. Hopefully this will discourage further theft for awhile and help keep our watchmen on their toes!

Another Brass Tacks family has arrived to continue work on the dinning hall; the roof isn't on yet, but you can definitely see the shape the finished building will take! This family was out here last summer, so it's good to see some familiar faces.

We are now at our coldest part of the year--yesterday morning it was 12 C after breakfast (about 50F)--brr! I must say I do enjoy getting to wear my shawls and light fires though!