Monday, November 26, 2012

Not dead--just very busy!

Well, thanksgiving is now past, and it's full speed ahead to Christmas and end of term! We had a pie social here the night before thanksgiving which was a very special time--especially for the Americans! I ended up being up to my eyeballs with pumpkin pie, but there are far worse things to be overwhelmed with! This past weekend was my last one on, so now I just have to worry about giving and marking exams as well as writing report cards. I have some pretty tough ones to write, so I'll be praying a lot wisdom. Christmas decorations are starting to crop up in classrooms and the dorm--I always get excited to see the kids reactions! It's started raining here after almost a week without. The river is very low, and crops are not going to turn out well unless we have a return to our normal weather patterns. Nothing like the sound of a gentle rain on the roof!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Shopping the 'Hardcore' Way

This past Monday and Tuesday were our last half-term of the year, and Beth and I used it to make a quick trip down to Solwezi to drop her cousin off at the airport, and then to do some serious shopping. Solwezi is our provincial capital, and is about 5 ½ to 6 hours away (depending on the roads and traffic). We left Sakeji at about 1pm, and arrived in Solwezi at about 6:30. We were quick tired from the morning activities that we had supervised and the long drive, so we were not a lively bunch at supper and crashed at (for us) a rather granny hour. The next morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast, and then set out to find the airport following the rather sketchy directions provided by the lady at the front desk. Luckily Solwezi isn’t that big, and we were able to find it on the first try.

After saying goodbye, Beth and I headed into town to do battle with Shoprite. We had about 8 lists that we were trying to fill, and ended up with two full sized carts, and two of those little ones that hold two shopping baskets. Checking out was a speedy half hour, and the whole experience was made more surreal and interesting by the stifling heat of the store as opposed to the Christmas carols playing on the radio, and the Christmas decorations up in the back. Once we finished that, we had a few more errands to run including finding the vet and getting some rabies vaccine, paying a bill for someone, mailing the school’s letters, and getting some lunch. We left around 1:30, and arrived back on station just a little after dark.

After that it was time for some sorting and delivering of the groceries to various places around station before we made some mac n’ cheese and collapsed into bed at an even more granny hour than the night before. There were definitely some nice things about being in town—cheese, peach iced tea, and being away from the kids for a bit, but I don’t think I’ll make a habit of these lighting trips!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Ancient and Modern Tourism

At our birthday parties, we always have a theme, and the staff dress up for the kids enjoyment. Here's a picture of Jill and me at the "Wonders of the World" birthday party this term. I decided to go with what I already had on the brain--Ancient Greece--and be an ancient Greek tourist ticking off the seven wonders of the world. Jill was a tour guide for a German castle. We also had a two person pyramid, some terracotta soldiers, and two Mount Everests. Nothing like an excuse to dress up!

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