Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm waiting for my body termperatures to sort themselves out after joinging the "Polar Bear Club" for the second morning in a row. Let's just say that even though this is Africa, the water approaches glacial temperatures, and jumping into what you know is cold water when you can see your breath floating gently in the chill morning air is not only hard, but once you get in a go mostly numb, exhilerating. Oh, the joys of half term!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, Photobucked cooperated today, so here are some pictures of my house and the 'stuff bomb' that hit it.

First of all, this is what my house looks like from the outside.
That is the kichen door, and to the right is the bathroom window. Further right (and just out of the picture) is my bedroom window. That little door in between the bathroom and my room is a tinny little storage area. I love my porch--that's where Ceili spends the days and where I go to breath and peer through the trees at the valley in the evenings.

When I came back to my house last Tuesday, I found this in the kitchen:
12 boxes from some assemblies in Canada, and this was outside the house:
My two crates!

I emptied the crates that evening in case of rain, and after piling that stuff all over the house I attacked the boxes as well so I would have boxes to sort stuff in. This is what my house looked like later that night:
It seemed like there was stuff everywhere! I've got it mostly put away now--finding places for things takes almost as much energy as putting things in that place after getting them out!

Two days later, G. Hanna came up from Chit with this for me:
7 of my 10 boxes of stuff. It was so nice to get my own things--things that I had been saving for when I had my own house and now were delightfully falling into place and making Valley View even more my home.

Today is the first day of half term, and I'm enjoying the chance to get caught up on some stuff! I think a nap is in order this afternoon...