Friday, November 28, 2014

What a ride!

It has really been a wild few days in the bush—finishing up a school year is always a challenge! I’m in Lusaka waiting for the first big leg of my journey home for Christmas, so I thought I’d take the time to update y’all.

Monday: A very long, very rough rehearsal for the end of term show, a run into Ikelenge,

and leavers party. Have largish plumbing issue—of course this is because I had volunteered to put someone up over end of term! Also find out that my new sewing machine is having issues.

Tuesday: Two rehearsals—things finally started to come together! Ran around like crazy tying off loose ends. Bathroom operational again; mostly! Large mess to clean up though.

Wednesday: Stuff in the classroom for the first part of the morning, 8 students baptized later in the morning,

11 interviews with parents, playing piano for Prize Giving, gulping down some supper, playing for the end of term show, “Every Land Rejoice.”

The show goes well—we’re praying that someone’s heart was stirred by the music and the words. Visit with my guest and then CRASH.

Thursday: Run around tying off loose ends in the morning, take a much needed nap, work on packing, have supper and gift exchange with Jill. Up too late once again—so many things to think through!

Friday: Today! Waiting at the Sakeij 'airport' for the plane...

Then a 3 hour flight in the small plane to Lusaka; it’s HOT down here! Not queasy during the flight; thank You Lord!

Subway for lunch—what a treat! Go with Tanis to the airport to watch her girls while she drops off some bags, then laze around all afternoon.

Tomorrow I fly to Dubai, have a 19 hour layover, and then finally on to Dallas. It’s so good to be going home even though the travel looks daunting and exhausting right now. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that your holiday season is blessed.

Parting shot: My 3rd and 4th grade handwork class made the decorations for the hall Christmas tree this year--they looked so nice!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life is a polka...come on and dance, dance, dance!

So, it’s been a rather hairy few days! Here, in brief, is some of the madness in the bush.

* During my senior recorder students ‘play for a grade’ last week, they killed a bat and tried to give me a dead kingfisher to deal with.

* I had a very busy weekend on in which I again made the 66 cup pancake recipe, did a whole lot of dishes, helped with the tea for prayer meeting, and got to hear some lovely music and a great presentation from the Hungarian doctor and his family who are currently serving at Kalene.

* A very quick (about 5 minutes), very scary lighting storm on Saturday took out our big photocopier, the internet, and various other electrical things. Thankfully I made it up from the river with all the kids before the lighting started, and (obviously) our internet is back up and running. The photocopier is in Lusaka, and we’re making do as best we can for exam week without it.

* I finally got my travel down to Lusaka sorted out, and I’ve got a trip within the States booked, but I’m still working through getting back from Lusaka in January.

* I looked at my work permit the other day to find that I was again shorted—I only got a year and four months instead of the two years I was supposed to! So, I’m working on getting my paperwork together for yet another extension. This means I will have to leave my country without my permit, AGAIN, while it’s in Lusaka, and also that we have to track down the elusive local emigration guy to certify some copies for me. Oh the joys!

Well, I need to get back to work—there is so much to do this week! May I find my strength in Him, and bring Him honor and glory with my thoughts, words, and actions this week.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Getting close...

Whew--this week has taken it out of me! I'm so thankful for a weekend off to sleep, get caught up on projects, and to take care of some niggling issues. I spent so much time this week thinking about my trip down to Lusaka and how it would all work out and still have people speaking to me that I dreamed about it one night! Thankfully the decision has simplified a lot in the last few days, so I think I'll be flying out of Lusaka as originally planned, but hopefully making a flying (quite literally!) trip to see a dear friend and some family. I continue to pray that the Lord will work out the details and get me where He wants me when He wants me to be there.

Monday and Tuesday this week was half-term; I was too busy doing things like making Christmas ornaments with the senior girls, enjoying river supervision with knitting, and marking to take many pictures, but here are a few of the kids down at the pool.

This week is our last regular week of school, then it's exam week, and then the odd three days in which we frantically rehearse the program and try and get thing set to rights for the end of the school year. Prayers for strength, wisdom, and endurance for all of the Sakeji staff are greatly appreciated!

Monday, November 3, 2014

2 Things

First of all I forgot to mention that Zambia's president, Michael Sata passed away last Tuesday, so the country is working through what to do next since the vice president doesn't qualify to finish out the term under the constitution. Please pray for Zambia that this will be a peaceful transition, and that we will get an honest, Godly man in office.

Secondly, it's become a real headache trying to get my flights down to Lusaka at the end of term figured out, and I could use some wisdom and patience. Right now it would be ideal if I could get my Emirates ticket changed for departing Lusaka two days earlier, but the cost is pretty staggering. I'm going to call them again next Saturday to see if the price has gone down any before I make my final arrangements. Two days isn't much, but it would allow me my only chance to see a dear friend. Some times living in such a remote spot is a big challenge!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Last month

How is it November already? How can I have 25 more days to finish off this term, get a program off the ground, and get my Sakeji year squared away? How am I going to be able to wait for the 30 days till I get to see my beloved family and East Texas again?

This week was wild with its own particular challenges, but God is and was good. Our little first grader got his cast off (much to EVERYONE’S relief)!

We had a HUGE rainstory yesterday—2.5 inches according to our rain gauge. I was down at the river with the kids while it was brewing; we just made it up in time! It was the strangest thing; the front had been slowly rumbling in for quite awhile, and then all of a sudden it was sunny to the west and BLACK to the east. Let that teach me to leave my raincoat behind…

My new sewing machine arrived! I’ve been without one for about a year, and I finally used it for the first time today to alter a blouse (something I’m doing a lot of it seems). I. Love. It. I was so sad to lose my faithful old White, but I think Janome and I are going to get along just fine. Of course I do realize that now this means that they will discontinue that brand as well…since my mom and I like it!

This Monday and Tuesday are our second half-term; while it will be kind of nice to have a break from classes, I’m also sorry for yet another interruption. Lord, give me wisdom to know what Your goals for this term are, and to not get stuck on what I wanted instead.