Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whew—its been a crazy few days! Staff meetings, getting my room ready, tying up loose ends, cleaning my house, and a grand shindig before school kicks off on Wednesday. The children start arriving today (Tuesday), so there are flurries of last minute preparations as we see to all those little things that keep a boarding school of 60 children running smoothly.

Last week I took a quick trip to Solwezi with Beth and her friend Crystal. The highlights of the trip were learning some new card games, staying in a fun hotel, and getting to visit Shop Rite (like a small, basic Wal-Mart). We flew back to the school (about an hours flight) and then had a few more days with Crystal before she left on Sunday. Saturday was the day of the get together at the Fergusons and the day Beth, Crystal and I went on a game drive through Nchila Game Park. We saw some Zebra, Puku, Wildabeast and lots of Sable. It was so much fun to see the beautiful animal, enjoy the setting sun and the wild beauty of this area. Nothing like being home in Africa!

I’m trying a new arrangement in my room that I think will work out well. It makes the room feel more open and it gives the kids a bit more room. I’m starting to get excited about getting back in the trenches once again! As much fun as vacation is, I missed ‘work.’


  1. Dear Lina: Nice you could go to the Game Park.
    Wishing you a great new term with all the children.
    Wonder if it is mainly boys & a few girls ?
    Imagine you are glad to be a teacher & not a
    house Mother..(smile) Have a good wk. Hugs, gw