Sunday, November 7, 2010

Still alive!

Well, my mother thinks I should update my blog, so here goes!

I’ve been very, very busy these last few weeks—keeping up with my 17 students, planning and rehearsing for the end of term program, trying to keep my house clean enough that I can work at the table, and all the million and one other things that go into working at a boarding school are keeping me pretty occupied!

There are only three more weeks of term, and Monday and Tuesday of this week is our second half term, so we will all be getting a welcome change of pace/break. Independence Day, October 24th was a lot of fun—the bonfire was a hit even though it was raining pretty hard. The kids enthusiastically ran around it in the mud anyway, and then enjoyed hot chocolate and donuts in the main sitting room before going to bed.

I’ll try and write more later—I need to get a few more things done before heading back to my house. Sorry it’s been so long—I’ll try to be more faithful in updating.


  1. Hi Lina,
    I'll be making you a CD of some Brookwood messages. What format would you prefer MP3 or Audio CD. Obviously with MP# I can fit 50 or more on a single disc. Let me know at my gmail address: glwolf!
    Gus Wolf

  2. Sounds like you are one busy lady !! Winter is
    setting in here it seems.. So we pull out the sweat
    shirts to keep warm along with the heaters...
    Wishing you a good 1/2 term... Hugs, gw

  3. howz the end of term program coming? is it just as hectic as last term? thinking of and praying for you!