Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life is a polka...

Well, the term has started out with a bang indeed! Life has been a little overwhelming, but some troublesome things are already getting better, and God is always good. Here’s what’s been going on in the bush:

*Boils. Well, not quite boils, but a sore of similar type. I have about 7 ‘mini boils’ on my right shoulder that suddenly came up right as term was starting, and have made my life interesting. Let’s just say that the story of the plagues of Egypt will never be the same again! They are healing now so they just itch a little instead of the burning pain I had before. Those on top of everything else this week were just a little much, but now that they are healing and everything else is shacking out, I think I’ll be fine.

*Changing class numbers! I started the term with 20 kids, knowing a MK was going to possibly be joining mid-term, but after the first day of school it was proposed that one of the 4th graders skip up to my class. Her parents had requested it partly because she is so tall, but she is also very precocious academically, so after much talk, we let her do a trial run till today to see how she did. I’ve been very pleased with her work—it’s been better than some of the ‘real’ grade 5’s, and I think it’s better to challenge a kid than to leave them in a class where they are bored. So, I had to dig out some more books and figure out what number to give her, but I think we’re settled now until the other student returns.

*New housemate! The Thursday before school opened, Beth S. (my former housemate) and Rachel B. arrived at Sakeji. Rachel is living with me, and while it took a little adjusting to having a housemate again, I’ve enjoyed getting to know her. Rachel is from Scotland, and thus has an awesome accent!

*Laptop issues! Let’s just say that I now know a great way to spent a stupid amount of money is to buy a laptop, ship it via DHL to Zambia, and then try to get it out of customs. I ended up having to pay a k4,000,000 fee for customs, but God is in control and already I have had a surprise gift of k1,000,000 towards that surprise expense. God is good!

*Mouse! Remember my mouse trouble? Well, I had heard a second mouse knowing on a dresser in my sewing room, so I had put down some poison after the trap failed. Well, a few days ago, Rachel asked me if I smelled gas in the house. Now, I have practically no sense of smell, and at the time I didn’t notice anything. However, it soon became apparent that something was rotten in Valley View. I traced the source of the odour to the sewing room, put two and two together and came up with…IV. I pulled out the bottom drawer of the dresser with some fear and trembling and saw a HUGE mouse crawling with maggots. I put the drawer back quickly and considered my options. Somehow I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to deal with it. Turns out, Pam’s dad has no problems with things of that sort, so he very kindly came over to my house and removed and cleaned up my nasty visitor. I’ve been trying to get the smell out of the room—candles, airing and room spray seem to be slowly diminishing the smell. I’m just glad the thing died in such an easy to reach spot! Also, I’m glad someone else was willing to dispose of it for me!

And that’s what’s going on in my life! Hope your month is a little less hectic!


  1. Dear Lina: Sorry about the boils.. do you think
    something bit you there to start the sores?
    Tarrif's into another country and bad.. They like
    to get American goods, but want their share of
    the $$$ !! Good luck with the new room mate.
    It is hard to share spaces, so hope she is
    congenial.. Also hope your mouse problem is
    solved. I'd put out a trap even though you
    don't see any. So if you do have one, well he/she
    will be a goner!! Ha Have a good week. Hugs gw

  2. Hi Lina: Just read your post. Sorry about all the troubles. I had a boil ONCE and that was enough, thank you. It must have been very uncomfortable. I'm so glad you were able to wrangle a new laptop. I thought that the CD's might get there just in time for your computer to crash and burn and you would not be able to use them. I sent them to you about a week after your Mum announced the trouble you were having with your computer. Would you like some more form various brethren speakers?
    Mr. Wolf