Monday, February 28, 2011

What a weekend...

I was on duty this weekend which meant that I got to be involved in the most exciting event to date this term. This particular Sunday I had a very full morning—supervision from 8:45-10, sitting in on Rachel’s Sunday school from 10-11, doing letters with the seniors from 11-12, and then Senior Sunday School from 2-3. It was the Senior’s walk to Church, so Mark had taken the kids down to Hillwood and everyone on the off duty team had headed out to a local assembly. I was had just walked through the dorm to kick any kids out (it was a beautiful sunny day) when Rachel found me and asked me how to open the hall. I was just walking down the hall when I heard the familiar cry, “Miss Burklin! Somebody’s hurt!” I turned around and saw one of the first graders, Abigail heading towards me flanked by a few concerned bystanders. She was crying a bit, and the tone of her cry and comparatively how little noise she was making let me know right away that she was actually hurt. I went up to her and saw that her left arm was crooked right below her wrist and knew that it was broken.
She was still somewhat in shock, so I quickly got her over to the chotta by the girl’s dorm holding her arm and pulled her onto my lap to keep her calm and keep her arm as still as possible. Rachel went tearing over to Sick Bay to find Pam (who almost never walks to church) only to find out that she had chosen this Sunday to walk to church. Then Rachel went and got Vickie, Vickie took one look and called Pam while trying to find some ice and some pain killers for Abigail. I carried her into the dorm so we could put her arm out straight on the table for Pam to splint when she got back and sat with her till Jill came down. After that I went to help Rachel with her Sunday school. One of the funny things was all the wild rumors that were flying around the school shortly after the accident—Abigail broke both arms, Abigail broke her hand, Abigail had been jumping on the high bars… Kids! She had actually slipped off the low monkeybars and landed on her arm at just the wrong angle.
Thankfully Abigail is now back and her normal bouncy self after getting her cast. She’s also enjoying her celebrity status! Yet another Abigail story to add to Sakeji lore… Life is never boring out here in the bush…

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  1. Whee!! Sounded like an exciting day.. Glad you were there to help. I didn't realize you had such young children there in school and away from their parents. I never could have sent my boys away from home at that age.

    Can't believe the school year is rushing by so quickly. You must feel like an old pro by now. Ha Have a good week. Love gw