Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jonah day...

Today was one of those days when the advice, “Never work with children or small animals” seemed rather good. The kids have been climbing the walls all day, I had a kid pee on the floor during assembly and then fiercely deny it, another was sent marching for elbowing and shoving his way down the hall to get a broom for clean up. To add insult to injury, he then proceeded to march while reading! I’ve had a lurking headache all day, and the constant scrape and bang of chairs mixed with the cacophony of children’s voices just gets to be a little much. Thank the Lord for His mercies and for the snatched moments of peace and quiet! Days like this are more difficult to live through, but they sure do build patience and give perspective better than the good days!

The first blooms are starting to dot the flamboyants, and beyond all reason the grass is starting to come in green. The trees have mostly shed their leaves and replaced them with fresh green ones, and now the parched bush is breathlessly waiting for the first good rain to send every plant into a burst of growth. It’s overcast today (which might explain some of the kids craziness), and while the new dining hall isn’t quite ready for a rain, the rest of us are!

I can’t believe the term is already a quarter gone! The first half-term is next weekend, and September is almost over. As the kids would say, “Imagine!” I have just two more months with my 6th graders, and three more months before I have a new batch of kids to get broken into my classroom! How does the time go so fast?

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