Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nothing like a good lightning storm...

Last night we had a really sever lightning storm—as in the school itself must have been struck a few times. I had just fallen asleep when I was woken up by the bright-as-day flashes and house shaking booms. I was so tired I wasn’t really concerned about the terrifying raw power being displayed outside my window, but I did remember with comfort that my laptop wasn’t plugged in! There was one flash in particular that was just amazing—the room was full of blinding light and I heard a loud POP by my head where my lamp was. After that I knew the 240 power was out since the lights outside were off.

The really creepy thing was that I have this little rubber ducky keychain with two little metal contacts on the bottom that lights up when you touch it to complete the circuit. Well, this keychain was on my wooden bedside table by my wooden lamp base, and after that POP the keychain lit up. I had my eyes closed at the time, but I think my lamp might have sparked as well. I just lay there looking at my flashing duck and thinking about how much electricity had just amassed beside my head. Some of the short termers said they saw bolts of electricity jumping from socket to socket in their house, and they also said their burglar bars were stuck. When we have storms out here, we have STORMS!

I’m working on getting rid of yet another cold and trying to keep myself organized and caught up so I won’t get too swamped at the end of term. So much has to happen in the next month—it’s going to be insane! The second half-term, the end of term show, interviews, exams, and the hundred and one things that go into finishing up a term. Oh well, you can do anything for a short period of time, and I’m going to have a nice break afterwards. How did this year slip by so fast—it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating new years, and not it’s almost gone!

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  1. Dear Lina: Sounds like a scary storm.. Glad you are safe. I remember the washed out road that happened a yrs ago. Yes, time goes by quickly that is why it is so important that we live each day to its fullest for Christ. What you do for the kids is important..Love, gw