Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have to say that I’ve felt so blessed these last two days. While it’s a little hard getting back into the routine of school and figuring out how to juggle a very energetic puppy into my life, but it’s been good. Last term was so hard and so discouraging that I was almost afraid to start this term. However, I’ve had a great time with the kids so far, and my classroom is settling into its new routine with only minor issues, and I am just so thankful for these good days.

Hazel has made a lot of friends among the children—while they were sorry to hear about my other dog, Ceili, they have quickly taken that little ball of energy into their hearts and I think she’ll become a much loved part of station life. If only she would move out of the biting faze…

The mornings and evenings are growing cooler, and I’m starting to enjoy my collection of hand knit socks again. The blaze of a brushfire has lit the ridge behind us already, and those pesky little brown bits that fill the grass during dry season are starting to cover the unwary child, teacher, and dog! I love this time of year—I love the smell of burning, wrapping up in my wooly creations, and the clear blue skies.

Well, I have some planning to do this evening—we’re about to embark on ancient Egypt in history. That is a topic I’ve never been particularly enamored of, but I have to admit it’s growing on me… It’s fascinating to me that God used that country so many times to save His people. Hope the kids think so too!

Isn't Hazel a cutie?


  1. Yes, Hazel is a real cutie. Babies chew on everything, & so do puppies. Give her a big bone to work on, that saves the furnature.Ha Glad this term is going well for you. It seems to take some time for kids to get the hang of studying for a different teacher.
    Have a good week. Hugs, gw

  2. Awww, Hazel looks so sweet! I don't know if she's a cuddly puppy, but that picture definitely makes me want to give her a hug. :-)

  3. Definitely a cute little puppy. I'm sure it will adjust well and become a trusted and valuable companion. Don't forget to give it some training when the time is right! James and Charissa are visiting the area this weekend and he will be speaking today.

  4. I heard an old friend of mine from New Jersey stopped by to visit you at Sakeji! I saw the pictures on the CMML website.