Monday, November 26, 2012

Not dead--just very busy!

Well, thanksgiving is now past, and it's full speed ahead to Christmas and end of term! We had a pie social here the night before thanksgiving which was a very special time--especially for the Americans! I ended up being up to my eyeballs with pumpkin pie, but there are far worse things to be overwhelmed with! This past weekend was my last one on, so now I just have to worry about giving and marking exams as well as writing report cards. I have some pretty tough ones to write, so I'll be praying a lot wisdom. Christmas decorations are starting to crop up in classrooms and the dorm--I always get excited to see the kids reactions! It's started raining here after almost a week without. The river is very low, and crops are not going to turn out well unless we have a return to our normal weather patterns. Nothing like the sound of a gentle rain on the roof!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, pumpkin pie not a bad thing to have around!!Ha
    I love Pumpkin pie w/whip cream!!
    I am running late for me, I haven't started down my Christmas Card list yet..Also have to set up the Christmas Tree in the Lobby. Actually Christmas excitement is for Kids. None of us get too excited. Good luck with the grading & report cards. Love you, gw