Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kitwe and Fruitcake.

I guess as a way to start trying to blog about the madness that was the Kitwe trip, I’m going to do a bullet list, and then expand on some topics. Here goes!

*Two dentist visits

*Lots of shopping

*Kitwe has a new Pick ‘n Pay—so much nicer than Shoprite!

*Lots of visiting the same two bookstores (this is what you get for being both a booklover and a teacher who works at a remote school).

*Lots of hole-in-the-walls with a surprising range of merchandise

*Some visits to Barcello’s complete with lattes—yes, this is part of why I go to town!

*Lots of good Sri Lankan food at our good friend the Fernandos. After a term of kid geared dining hall food, such a treat!

*Lots of fun visiting the Frenandos.

*Lots of texting various people about all sorts of errands from tie rod ends for a land cruiser to books.

*Lots of driving in the meat grinder that is town—no accidents praise the Lord!

*Being interviewed for a sport on ZedMBC—I was on TV today!

Dentist: I got the first half of a root canal, and then after some probing, sticking some scary pins in the offending tooth and x-raying, it was decided that the crown idea wasn’t going to work. So, out it came. The soreness is mostly gone, but I still have to be careful how I chew and use the nasty mouthwash tablets.

Being on TV: I got roped into doing an interview of ‘Today’s Women’ which was both the most hilarious and ridiculous thing in my life. If I had known that I was going to be interviewed for TV that day, I would have worn something a little different, and I would have had MY knitting with me. I ended up working on Beth’s while we pretended that she didn’t know what I was doing. Now my kids are going to come back and be all like, “You were on TV!!!”

In holiday news, today was fruitcake day! They look pretty edible, so I look forward to sharing and enjoying them with my station family.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Lina. It helps me know what life is like in Zambia & for you. I take it the kids are home for end of term?? I'd love some of that Fruit Cake..People make bad jokes about Fruit Cake, but I have always made it in the past & enjoyed it. Have a good holiday & Merry Christmas. Love gw