Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Safely back in Texas

After a whirlwind trip--to Tennessee on Thursday, Vanderbilt graduation on Friday, back to Texas on Saturday--I am very glad to be off the road! In those three days my mother, Mary, and I managed to:

* Survive the over 3 hour long graduation ceremony--congratulations to my future brother in law!

* Meet my future brother in law's lovely family and hang out a little.

* Visit the beautiful Nashville Parthenon--a full scale replica of the real one. Awesome!

* Visit a cool ini-coffee shop called "The Frothy Monkey" for a great cup of java and a lovely cheese and fruit platter snack.

*Have some good visiting time with my wonderful great aunt and uncle who also put my mother and I up for the two nights we were there.

* Drive by Graceland and visit a tacky Elvis memorabilia gift shop. Who knew that Elvis was a black belt in karate?

* Get lost in Texarkana and drive home via Louisiana--the road less traveled to be sure!

This afternoon Mary and I sorted through some of the stuff we had in storage here, and then tonight I started the embellishing of my bridesmaid dress. Just less than three weeks to go till the big day now!

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