Saturday, August 16, 2014

This week of holiday

* Hazel, my dog, hurt her back foot, so she has been doing a three-legged hop around the station. This setback does not in any way deter her from her sworn duty to chase lizards, bark a lot at the grass on the other side of the playing field, and play with the visiting kids. Thankfully she’s mostly healed now, so I expect to see her back to her usual speedy self.

* I made breadsticks and English muffins for the first time this week. They both turned out well, and it was good to get to know my new oven a little better.

* I went on a ‘shopping’ trip with Jill into Ikelenge to buy some flour and margarine. I also, much to my surprise, found a lady selling some microfiber cloths in one of the little stalls, so I’m trying those out in my house to see how they do.

* We had a big bonfire last night to get ride of some old books and papers from the music shelf. Jill and I have been tripping over those boxes of trash for months now, and it was so nice to just be outside by the fire, watching the kids roast marshmallows (an interesting revelation of character!), and then talking with Jill.

I’ve had a request for some more pictures of the remodeled sitting room, so here they are. It’s starting to take shape, but there is still a lot of finishing work to do.

Parting shot: My dog ended up with a southern lady eyebrow somehow...


  1. it looks so different with the roof on! didn't know they were going to have it as one piece, thought the front would have a separate roof. love hazel's eyebrow, but you need to let her know that 2 would look better. :)

  2. I guess you do have to make English Muffins now since I'm not always exchanging English Muffins for use of your skillet. :) Good times, and I miss them.

    Thanks for posting pictures of the main sitting room. It looks crazy different!

  3. It's great to see progress pictures of the sitting room. Now it shouldn't be a total shocker whenever I come next time. (Whenever that may be :s )