Friday, September 19, 2014

Sakeji Convalescent School

Well, it's been another interesting week here at the school! Wouldn't want to get bored or something... One of my sixth grade students sprained her ankle pretty good early in the week, and has been clicking about on crutches ever since.

Then, on Wednesday this little guy took a tumble off the teeter-totter down at the river and broke his arm. Rough stuff when you're in grade one and it's your right arm!

For some good news, the main sitting room is getting ever closer to completion! Today was a rather stressful day on the site; they installed the bit window up top, and had a bit of a crisis with the door being to tall for the doorway. Not sure what they did about the door, but as you can see it now fits and is installed. I've never seen a door that opens like that before; I'll post another picture of it in action and up close.

The other big news around here is that yesterday, September 18th, was our first real rain of the season. It rained pretty hard for over an hour, and once it stopped all the frogs living in the ditch beside my house broke forth in songs of joy. I was pretty excited myself--the land is so dry right now, and the smell of the first rains in Africa will probably be worked into a corner of heaven somewhere. Hopefully we have another good rainy season! This also means that the months of fanatically unplugging everything of value to you have begun... Oh well, I'm still excited about the rain!


  1. figures.. how is he doing with his work? poor AJA!

  2. I think N sprained her foot when I was there, too. The main sitting room looks so different from the outside! I am glad the rains have begun there! I love when the grass turns from yellow to green! We had a good thunderstorm the other day, and I still unplugged my computer. lol I don't think I really need to here, but it's habit. :) If nothing else it makes me feel like I'm in Zambia! "I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder. They power throughout the universe displayed!"