Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wow...there isn't anything big to report this week!

I can hardly believe it--it's been a fairly 'normal' week around here!

The kids came back from the Copper Belt very tired, but having had a great time and played well.

I had to break the news that the grade 7 exams start on Monday; no one paniced!

I marked a lot.

I taught a lot.

We had several days where it rained.

This amazing flower randomly came up in my garden-

Right now I'm enjoying a much needed weekend off; even though nothing 'big' happened, the weeks do take their toll! Prayers for me and for my grade 7's next week would be appreciated; the exams are not hard, just rather poorly written. Sometimes there isn't a right answer given! They cover material that is not in the Zambian curriculum, and contain questions like these:

"Which of these lines can be drawn as boarder lines?" They show a fine dashed line, a zig-zag line, a larger dashed line, and a solid line. Um...all of them?

"Which of the following is not part of the solar system?" A. The asteroids, B. The comets, C. the stars, D, The sun. ?!?!

And these are some put these sentences in the right order questions-

"One day Musonda decided to go and catch fish. When he arrived at the river, he was hit by a crocodile and died. His body was found by fishermen." --How is one hit by a crocodile I'd like to know?

Oh well, I have no worries about our kids passing, and while making up answer keys can be rather frustrating, it is good for a laugh. May next week be as 'boring!'

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  1. Hi Lina, I just have to tell how much I look forward to your blog posts and catching up on all that happens each month! And I always have a few good chuckles at some of the goings on. That random flower is gorgeous. I think it is the amaryllis Piccote. I have one like it that my sister gave me at least 10 years ago and it gives me 2 or 3 blooms each year, usually in April. Anyway, yours is lovely! Lynne Gale