Monday, June 1, 2015

Short Update, Week 4

* There was a birthday; my chillin's were very nice to me and presented me with sweet cards and notes. In the evening the ladies of the station gathered for an evening of relaxing while enjoying the movie To Kill a Mockingbird.

* Dry season is here; warm socks are a must on the cold cement floors, and I am very thankful for my new comforter.

* While we are short staffed this term, the Lord is supplying grace and strength. I suppose one of these days I'll stop being so surprised at what I can do in His strength...

* My right knee has started to act up; going downhill quickly causes sharp pain, and during the course of my day my knee often feels stiff and tight. I'm praying that it will be sorted out quickly, as there is rather a lot of downhill in my life...

* The first half-term starts this Friday, so this week is all about finishing off so we can enjoy a few days off! I just hope my students take my encouragement to heart...

* Preparing the grade 9 students for their music exam is becoming quite a 'thing.' Prayers for wisdom in dealing with the local music teacher, the students, and how to best go about this would be much appreciated.

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