Saturday, November 21, 2015

Last week of 'normal' school

First, two of the very few pictures I took over half term:

Then, a picture of the after results of my hour of wall scrubbing during half-term:

I forgot to take a before picture, but in this next one where I finally have my pictures back on the wall, the damage to the left one should give you an idea of what most of that wall looked like--horrid brown stains all down it. I'm glad they came off, but it sure took a toll on my arms and hand! I'm so glad to have that cleared up, and to have my pictures back up.

The other big thing that happened over half-term was that I got my new-to-me+newest I've ever experience in my life fridge; having shelves inside is a huge plus!

Life is pretty hectic, and next week, exam week will be even more hectic. Prayers for physical, mental, and emotional strength are appreciated.

Parting shot:

This tree was struck by lightning this Thursday; notice how all the bark was blown off, and how split the trunk is. I was in upper school, but I could totally feel the 'zing' in the air as the bolt hit.

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