Thursday, December 10, 2015

End of the 2015 School Year

I had every intention of updating the blog this weekend with some pictures and thoughts from the end of term, but then I came down with a cracking case of malaria, and quietly fell off the world for a few days. I’m crawling back on as we speak—I’m about to 70-75% or normal—and thought I’d go ahead and write about end of term this time, and the suffering of malaria another day. So, some thoughts and pictures about end of term!

* It’s always interesting to figure out how much you can say to a parent; usually if they agree with/affirm the very mild description of their child’s behavior, I feel like I can go into more detail. Trying to tell one anxious dad that there is nothing wrong with his daughter’s mind except she seldom engages it first and might be adequately described as an airhead? Interesting…

We put icicle lights on the hall!

For leavers party we made copies of part of the kids entrance interview, the dread 'draw a man.' They had to try and guess who's was who's; oddly enough, only one kid recognized hers! Watching them laugh as the answers were reviled was priceless!

* It's really easy to say goodbye to some kids, and very hard for others.

End of term shows give me gray hairs... Here are the kids mostly behaving for a moment while Jill talked to them.

Me with my handwork kids; we made beaded felt ornaments in addition to working on knitting this term.

This end of term program was one of the hardest I've ever done as I had a pinched nerve in my right shoulder, and a strained right hand and arm. Playing was physically uncomfortable to painful, and the music was particularly ill suited to that limitation on my part. I crashed through it by the grace of God, but it's not something I can recommend. I'm working on getting the pinched nerve cleared up now.

In general, it was a good close to the school year, but it also meant that Beth was leaving. Very bitter-sweet days for me, but God is good. Am I ready to do it all over again in a month? HA!

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  1. Well done describing a particularly hairy end of term. ;)