Monday, May 2, 2016

Ready or not, here they come!

Today is May Day, a national holiday in Zambia, so we don’t have any workers in, and I’m getting a chance to get a few things done before the final push to prepare for term. Last week was a very busy one for me full of training new people, working through some logistics for my new responsibility for the cleaning of the school buildings, and of course some planning. I also managed to finish The History of Ancient Egypt Great Course, and the second part of a church history course. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking/worrying about floor polish, man hours, and washing walls, and I’m very pleased with the two new workers we hired for school and accommodation cleaning. It’s lovely to start with a blank slate as it were, and get things set up so our buildings will be cleaner.

Tomorrow kids start to arrive, and then the mad dash of term kicks off on Wednesday morning. Prayers of wisdom, grace, and sanity are always appreciated! I’m hoping that the holiday will have been as good for my students as it was for me, and that they will come back with a real heart to work hard and do well.

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