Monday, September 19, 2016

Some snippets from the first full week of school

* My cleaning woes have quieted down a bit now, but it was a very, very busy week, and I was tired, tired, tired!

* We had an epicly awful fire drill on Saturday; Lower School didn't hear and some kids were out for fitness groups--over 8 minutes to get ourselves assembled. When clean up started right after, I went into my classroom and jokingly remarked, "Well, we lost Lower School!" And then the 9th grader and I said in unison, "They're all dead!" to which the 5th grader asked how we managed to say that together. Great minds?

* We had board meeting on Friday; everyone traveled safely, and there was a good fellowship time afterwards.

* I have really been enjoying getting to know the two lady short-termers; one is a 'repeat visitor' and one is new, but they have been such a blessing to me.

* We have had a few good rains--early in the year for us, but very much appreciated!

Parting shots:

Wild Zambian skies,

Kids hard at work,

and Sunday river.

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