Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 5--DONE!

I can hardly believe that next week marks the halfway point in my student teaching experience. This was a good week--I added the first grade classes which are quite challenging, but I need all the practice with classroom management I can get! Who knew I needed to find my inner 'mean teacher?'

I've started to research airline tickets, and it appears that getting a round trip ticket will actually work out a little cheaper in the long run. Of course I won't use the second ticket--perhaps I can get some kind of credit or refund...

Next week I have Monday off (thank you Columbus!) and Tuesday is my first inservice day. Mrs. Stone and I decided that the proper way to celebrate Columbus day involved sleeping in! I'm a little nervous because my first formal observation is the day the kids get back--lets hope the first graders aren't too hyper and energetic that day! I hope I will be able to show that I've improved since that first visit...


  1. Just checking to see that the comments are working at last!

  2. Good Job Lina! Releasing your inner mean teacher is a big step! :-D I was excited for you to read about your commendation service. We are praying for God to use you mightily in his kingdom work!