Monday, May 23, 2011

The problem with posting so infrequently is...

…you end up with REALLY long blog posts! Apologies in advance!

This morning those of us who were off duty headed off to Kelondu, a more remote assembly, and were able to witness the baptism of three ladies. We ended up walking down the road for about 15 minutes to the river, and in the course of standing at the river and walking there and back I got a awesome sunburn on my neck. Apparently in order to adequately prepare for church I now need to take some sunscreen with me… The thing I can’t figure out though is why I’m the only one who burned…

As Beth and I were walking back from the Ferguson’s tonight, I passed a line of big, black ants that were marching in a line. When I paused by them to make sure I wasn’t stepping in them, they HISSED at me. At least, that’s what it sounded like. Yet another “You know you live in the bush when…”

I’ve had to laugh a few more times this past week as ‘only in Zambia’ situations have occurred. On Monday Pete F. the owner of the game farm came over to tell us that our dogs, Ceili and Sasha had dug under the fence and been chasing Sable! Now, Sable cost around $25,000 to hunt, so the last thing I want to do is pay for one my dog may have damaged or killed! So, Ceili and Sasha are being tied up at night for the time being. I’m still a little surprised that they headed that far from the station, but I guess a nice big animal like that was just too tempting to leave alone!

On Friday Sasha, the Ronald’s dog, was trailing the senior girls as they went down to the pool for Rally, and she collided with a guy on his bicycle. Neither part was seriously hurt, but it could have been quite serious as the road down to the river is a really steep hill. Vickie had a nasty spill going down that road last year, so it’s fortunate that the Zambian wasn’t going faster. I guess that will teach her to meander on the road!

Also on Friday Ikelenge had a riot going on as people fought over who would be in charge of the newly declared boma, and whether the boma should be in Ikelenge anyway. So many people want a piece of the ‘power pie,’ and we just hope and pray that the Lord will protect this area from the worldly influences that are sure to move in with the development of our little village into a boma town.

In other news, last week I got to lay a few bricks in one of the walls on the new dining room—now I can say I helped! I love watching the arches being built on their frames and how the building changes day by day. I can’t wait to see it all finished and ready to be used—the kids are going to be so excited! I’m going to miss the old dining hall though; there is so much history there. Oh well, I guess even Sakeji has to occasionally march with the times!

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  1. Yes, sounds like you had one of those "only in Zambia" moments.(smile) Do pray for your safety & strength.. With Grand nieces in Japan etc, keeps my pray list going..Wow, we are in the middle of a hail & wind storm, so better close...Love you, GW