Friday, May 27, 2011

"You have five candles on your cake,"

"so you must be turning 5!" -Anna T, staff kid, age 4.

Today marks my fifth birthday on this continent--a cool mile marker in itself, but also cool because this is the year that I reach a quarter of a century.

7th birthday--We had just been in Zambia almost 6 months, and my most vivid memory of that birthday was the cookout with the cake that was supposed to be wrapped on sticks that fell off into the fire. I don't remember being that upset by it though, after all, I was HOLDING THINGS INTO THE FIRE.

8th birthday--Another cookout, this time with friends and fellow missionaries. My mom had put together a cool treasure hunt with the chocolate being hidden in the dutch oven at the cookout spot. I think the neighbors dogs also got in a fight--I seem to remember thinking they were 'spoiling' my birthday.

20th birthday--My first time in Zambia since I was a kid, when I came to Sakeji for second term. My birthday happened to fall on my afternoon off that day, and I went to the cottage with a staff couple and the other young people. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon! We had a really nice tea with a chocolate cake decorated with marshmallows.

24th birthday--My first birthday as a full time staff member at Sakeji; my kids were pretty nice to me all day and gave me lots of sweet cards. I was so thankful to finally be where my heart had been for so long.

25th birthday--Today Mr. Ronald forgot to have me stand on my chair at breakfast, so at lunch the kids were almost beside themselves with worry that he would forget again. Don't worry--I duly stood on my chair (and did NOT tough the ceiling! I' not THAT tall!) and was sung to! I got lots of sweet notes from the kids and some great birthday hugs, as well as a cake iced with Nutella at tea. Beth and I made a lightning dash into town to get the parcels--I was kind of hoping my family's box had come, but it was the last of the boxes Beth mailed me in October last year. Pretty cool timing! All in all, it's been a great day even though I had to work, and I'm looking forward of another year in the Lord's service here.

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  1. A Belated Happy Birthday Lina!! Glad you had a good Day & of course glad the kids got into the spirit of it too. Have a great year!

    Bad weather in the States, with lots of Tornado's.. Keeps me busy saying my prayers.
    Keep safe & God's blessing on you as you serve Him.. Hugs, gw