Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 2011

Here is my May newsletter, and at the end is a link to the article about Sakeji that Jill wrote for the Missions Magazine. There are some good pictures of the kids, as well as some neat testimonies about what the Lord is doing in the children’s hearts.

Dear Friends and Family,

I can’t believe how time is flying! Already it a week before half term, and just six more weeks till the end of term! The children have settled in well, and we have all gotten back into routine. We have three short term girls from Canada who are with us for another two weeks who have been a huge blessing all over the school. Ashley is mostly in the upper school, and she has been a huge help with marking, teaching units on several different subjects, and just being another body to help answer questions. I’m sure going to miss her when she goes back!

My students are continuing to settle into being seniors—both the increased privileges and responsibilities. We continue to pray our students who are working through various challenges both academically and socially. As always, we are not merely teachers here, but parents as well. We strive to not only give the children a good education, but to bring them up in the ways of the Lord. I am finding out how exhausting discipline can be—I never believed my parents when they told me it was just as hard for them as it was for me! However, it is also a true joy to see children growing in the Lord and maturing.

Work on the dining hall is progressing well—we currently have four Brass Tacks
workers on site supervising, directing, and working alongside of our Zambian crew. This week the roof trusses were put up with no major accidents—praise the Lord! Most of the interior walls are plastered, and door and window frames are being installed. As the trusses and supports are welded into place and painted, the sheet metal for the roof will start to go on and finishing work can begin inside. We continue to pray for safety for all those involved with the construction and for God’s continued provision for the many different aspects of this project.

This past month has been rather challenging between the things going on here, and things going on back home. I have really appreciated the many ways people reached out to me and kept me in their prayers—how blessed it is to be a part of God’s family! As I continue to work with these precious children, I am reminded over and over again how without Christ working in me, I am nothing. What a privilege that God uses our feeble hands to do His work here on earth.

P.S. This month’s issue of the CMML Missions Magazine has an article about Sakeji Mission School that can be read online by visiting May Missions Magazine There are some good pictures of the kids as well!

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  1. Glad you have had some help with others visiting your station.. I tryed to write to your sister in Japan, but couldn't make it go through. Keep up the good work, you are doing so well. Hugs, gw