Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still alive!

When you get an e-mail from your mother inquiring whether you are alive or not, I guess that means you might need to do a blog update too!

There is about a week and a half before term starts up again—this is our longest break, but once again it has flown by! I’ve got my house mostly clean and organized again, some sewing projects have been finished, and I’ve done a lot of reading for the coming term. I will be sitting down to some heavy duty planning this week, as well as working on my classroom and getting everything organized for the coming term. I’ve started working on the music for the Christmas program, and I’m working on mapping out what I hope to accomplish. I also need to plan for handwork—I finished making the 12 handwork bags for my girls, and now I need to decide exactly what we are going to finish the year out with. In between getting these things done, I’m also enjoying the freedom to take afternoon naps and sleep in a bit while it lasts!

Jill and Bethany are both back, so we are once again fully staffed—it was so good to see them getting off the plane! You don’t realize how close you are to people until they go away for at time…

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  1. I also was having "Lina with-drawal pains".Ha Glad you are getting some rest & feeling better. I always check this Blog daily to see if you have updated anything... I do know you are very busy, just enjoy hearing from you. Gods Blessings on you...Love gw