Monday, April 30, 2012

Five happy things and one sad one

Thing 1--Soft ice cream in Chingola yesterday. Such a treat!

Things 2--Staying with a good friend who happens to be a fantastic Indian cook.

Thing 3--At my dentist visit today I found out that I DON'T have to have a root canal, and my tooth was able to be filled.

Thing 4--Beth and I found a place that made a great cup of coffee, and had cheap but delicious chicken burgers.

Things 5--I found a whole bunch of Agatha Christie novels and the Zambian social studies book I needed at a bookshop in Kitwe. I may have walked out of the store with a whole lot of them... My mystery kick continues with a vengeance!

Thing 6--My dog's swollen face that developed into a huge hole which three of us managed to fill full of powder and paint with tar (yes, the tar went everywhere!) turns out to have definitely have been a snake bite. My options were costly reconstructive surgery (which would be impossible to get), or putting her down. I chose to end her suffering. I'm gonna really miss that puppy!

God is good--all the time.

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