Monday, June 25, 2012

More snippets.

*My puppy got her ear caught in my screen door when she tried to crash through it the other night--maybe that will teach her to have more manners! The yelping she let out made it sounds like she was being devoured by a lion or something. I guess you really can't blame her, but STILL! *I had a nice long, newsy chat with my mom last night. It was good to hear about what's going on in our homeschooling friends lives, and just to hear her voice. E-mail is a huge blessing, but nothing can compare to the sound of a loved voice. I also got to talk to my dad who is in Germany this weekend; technology is so crazy! He could call from a computer in Europe to my cell in the bush! *We had joint prayer meeting with Kalene over here yesterday, and there were THREE babies present! Ha--no lack of aunties who were quite happy to take them off their mother's hands for a while... *Those of us who were off this weekend went to Ikelenge for church--I hadn't been to 'town' for awhile, and was interested to see the continued improvement work going on there. Since we are a boma (official market town), we are getting more government officials and some effort is being put into upgrading the roads and some buildings. We are the African equivalent of Siberia for government officials--we are so far out in the bush that the people we get out here tend to be 'exiled' rather than called. We are praying that all these new people and all the changes going on in our community will be for the best, and that the local Christians will stand out in their honor of the Lord. *The fire break around the school is pretty much finished now, but there are still fires all around. The other night the ridge across the valley was on fire, and it looked so beautiful. The little bits are black ash are all over, and there is a constant undersmell of smoke. That's how you know you're home when you step off the plane here--it always smells like smoke!


  1. A lot of fires raging in US also. Keep safe.
    Yes, all the technology is awsome.. I could not get along without my Computer now. Hugs, gw

  2. With all the fires raging in the west here, I never gave it a thought that there may be fires elsewhere. I can't imagine that there are sufficient Zambian forces to control the fires they have there. Do they just let them burn out? Or do they never get so severe as to warrant intervention until they get close to a village?
    After having a reprieve last year, it seems that there is an over abundance of red wasps right now. They all seem to be pretty cranky! Hardly any mud daubers this year or last, odd.