Monday, July 16, 2012

Finals Week!

Well, today is the first day of our finals week, and the day when I plan to start on my report cards. I already have two final grades done, and after giving the literature exam today I hope to add that as well. Our report cards have undergone a streamlining process that has helped a lot with writing them, but it is still an undertaking that means several extra hours of work. I'm starting to think about and plan for my trip down to Lusaka at the end of term to get my passport renewed. I have until February, but because I need to get my new work permit before it runs out mid-January, and for that I need the new passport. Oh, the joys of keeping all your documents in two countries current! I've never been down to the embassy--should be interesting!

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  1. Seems only a couple wks ago you were doing the report cards before! Will the children go home or is this the mid term? May God give you the stamina the extra hours require to keep up. Love you, Gw