Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slowly being able to breath

After several days spent in bed, hobbling to do a small task slowly, and lots of pills and water, I'm finally seem to be over the 'hump,' and while I'm still only at about 70% efficiency, I'm so thankful after being closer to 40% for the last few days! I continue to be looked after by my fellow missionaries, and while this is SO not how I was anticipating spending the term break, I think in a way it was a good thing that I've had time to rest and just relax. I'm appreciating my increasing ability to do things before collapsing back in bed, and I'm also amazed at how the Lord has made it possible for me to make a completely different set of plans for getting my passport renewed. Even in the midst of bronchitis, God is good!

1 comment:

  1. So glad you are feeling some better. Sometimes when we won't listen to our bodies, God takes it out of our hands. I now take a lot better care of myself than I did in previous years. Continue to rest Lina, wish you had access to a Dr. I am praying for your return to good health..
    Hugs, gw