Friday, September 14, 2012

First Week of School

I was thinking the other day that while the folks in North America are embarking on their new school term even as we are, they are starting off the year, while we are entering the race to the finish. I have to say that I rather enjoy having three terms instead of two semesters--things seem so much more manageable in little bits!

All of our kids got here safely, and even though one boy got to watch the plane take off without him after being 3 hours late, other parents picked him up and brought him to school. It's neat to see the parents helping each other out like that--it gives you hope for the future of humanity. The kids are quickly getting back into routine, and so far I've had great teaching days. Hope it lasts!

Today all the kids who haven't been already are getting their measles vaccination--there is a national campaign and the vaccinations are mandatory. Imagine trying that back in the States... It was interesting to see who put up the biggest wasn't the youngest kids!

Last weekend I moved my new-to-me fridge into my kitchen, and suddenly quadrupled my freezer space. It as a big hassle, and the fact that there is only one shelf in the whole unit makes life a bit interesting, but I'm so tickled to actually have room to keep things in the freezer at my house! I also have to admit a certain pride in the fact that we three girls were able to not only man-handle the behemoth, but move and re-install the cupboard over the top of the fridge with no help from the guys. It's the little things in life...

A prayer request from me is the tooth I broke a chunk off the first day of school--not even sure what I broke it on, or if it started as a filling that fell out. It's not hear as bad as the other one was, and as of yet it isn't hurting at all, but I'm just really praying that it will last until December when I could make a dental trip to the Copper Belt. I was hoping to stay on station this term break... I really don't want to go through that amount of pain and trouble again, but I also rest in knowing that God helped me through that situation, and maybe this time I can manage with a little more grace.

The idea of dentures is starting to gain appeal...

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  1. No way Gal..You are YOUNG & I hope you live a long life. Chewing, Seeing & Walking are important for the elderly also, so my Dad use to tell us to take care of our teeth, eyes, & feet.(smile) If you get a chance to have that tooth fixed sooner,don't wait!! May God be with you this Term. Glad you have a helper. Hugs, gw