Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lions and children and ants oh my!

On Thursday we were informed that a lion had escaped from a game park in Congo, and was prowling around the game farm...which is right next to the school. The owner of the game farm is tracking it, but it has caused quite a bit of stir in our little corner of the world. One of our laundry men saw it, and a few workers didn't turn up for work yesterday. There is no indication that it has been near the school, but it has given us a reminder that we ARE in Africa! It should be interesting to see how it all ends. There have been a lot of Zo-zos--the large, stinky ants around the school lately. One of my kids purposely squished one during class the other day, which filled the area with the unmistakable sulfurous smell. Not only do they stink in death, but they give a nasty bite in life, and can release their fumes when irritated. I guess they help keep me from missing Fire ants back home! The middle of this week was really stressful, but things have been better these last few days. I'm on this weekend, but there will be some much needed times of rest. Next week is birthday party already, and then the week after that it the first half term! Time is rushing by way to fast...


  1. Wow, a wonder some stayed home from work!! Hope they catch him soon. It is Fall here & people are putting up Halloween decorations. Our leaves are changing color & falling. I have been busy here taking people to Dr. Appmts & getting their medacine. That is my missionary work.. I try to bloom where I am planted..(smile) Have a safe week & may God watch over & guide you. Love gw

  2. I hope that the lion is found soon... such an intense problem to have!

    I think I have had the opposite problem with ants since moving-- none of the ants in Colorado bite at all, and it's been very disconcerting. I do miss the fire ants in some ways.