Thursday, April 4, 2013

On my way!

Today I flew out from Sakeji at 11:35, and I won't be returning till sometime in September. I had a good flight despite the lateness of the day, and I didn't get queasy thanks to the patch Beth gave me. Despite the fact that the kids in the plane with me had all eaten cake right before flying, none of them got sick (it's the small bonuses in life!), and it wasn't as bumpy as it could have been. Now I'm trying to stay awake past the early hour of 8, so I can enjoy sleeping in tomorrow. It's Jill's birthday, and we are going out on the town! I'm so excited that my trip is finally in progress--I can hardly believe I'm actually on my way.

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  1. (just catching up!) glad the patch worked, will have to buy some more when i'm home.