Sunday, June 30, 2013

I miss dry season...

Despite the fun of being home for a summer, yesterday I found myself really missing the coolness of dry season. Yesterday was a scorching 105 (the heat index was of course higher!), and I spent the afternoon at a friend's farm with my family. There were chickens, kittens, cats, goats, rabbits, dogs, horses and cows to enjoy as well as our friends. I got to go ridding for the first time in years, and despite the terrible heat, I enjoyed it very much. Though both the horse and I were sweating profusely, it was great to be outside and in the pine woods. A dream of mine is to go on a horseback safari some day. I think it would be the ideal way to enjoy the game animals--so much quieter than being in a jeep or truck, and high enough off the ground that you can see over the grass. Hopefully one of these days that dream will become a reality!

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I am praying and trying to plan for a possible trip in August to see two very dear friends who live in Montana and Ohio. One reality of being home is that my friends don't live in Longview anymore, and I would really like to be able to spend some time with them in person. We shall have to see what the Lord works out! Lord willing I'll be taking a trip to Tennessee in July to see my grandparents, and then taking my mom to St. Louis the first few days of August. I also need to start thinking about what to pack and take with me, and what to pack and ship for the container. How have three months of furlough already flown by?

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