Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another crazy road trip over, and nobody died!

Beth and I rolled into Sakeji around 7:30 last night after a week of craziness in travel, shopping, and government offices. Here are the highlights:

Day 1: We packed four girls into the back of Jill's little single cab Hylux to begin the trip down to Solwezi. The road was actually quite good, and everybody survived!

Day 2: We dropped the four girls off at the airport and proceeded to drive down to Kitwe to stay with my dear Sri Lankan friends. Indian food for supper--what a treat! The road was TERRIBLE. Lots of pot holes and a few muddy detours made driving rather interesting.

Day 3: We set off for Lusaka and endured some more bad roads because of the construction on the dual carriageway between Kitwe and Ndola. As we had experienced the day before, we were bothered at every check point and asked an interesting variety of questions including:

* Can I see your license? (almost every stop)

* What kind of triangles do you have? (I wasn’t aware that there was more than one kind…Uh, the metal ones…)

* Can I see your passport? (This from an emigration guy. I’ve never seen emigration on the road before!)

* Did you know your fitness is expiring soon? (Fitness=Inspection. Why no I didn’t—oh dear!)

* Can I have your particulars? (Translation—can I get your number? Why no, I don’t give out my number to creepy guys!)

When we arrived in Lusaka we got to enjoy some Christmas including this tree made of recycled bottles at Arcades,

and these lights in Manda Hill

Day 4: I went to emigration and was able to pick up my work permit with only an hours wait! Praise the Lord! After that Beth and I did some shopping and repacked the car.

Day 5: I took off in the rain to get the vehicle fitness (inspection) taken care of, and Beth went to the Canadian High Commissioner's office to pick up her passport. We both managed to get our errands done, ate some lunch, then headed up to Kitwe to stay with the Fernandos again. We almost lost the truck in a lake by the farm, but that little truck is made of stiff stuff!

Day 6: After a much needed sleep we headed into Kitwe to finish up our shopping. After that we went with the Fernandos to a bible study Christmas party. It was rather interesting as 80% of the people there were Indians, but the food was fantastic, and we enjoyed the caroling.

Day 7: Aunty Anita made a lovely breakfast of her fabulous spring rolls and samosas, and then we set off. The road was aweful and rather wet with all the rain, but we managed to roll into Sakeji at 7:30pm. We found out later that one of our tires was in really bad shape--I'm so thankful the Lord allowed us to get home on it! Truly, God is good!

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