Thursday, December 5, 2013

Term 3 is officially over!

Yesterday was a crazy day--so much had to happen before the kids could go home! The morning was spent finishing off odds and ends and having our in school certificate assembly. After a hurried lunch I grabbed my prizes and then raced back to my classroom for parent teacher interviews. Once those were finished it was time for the big prize giving ceremony at which I had to play a few things. It started to pour rain right after the prize giving, so supper was a slightly damp affair. I raced home after that to change for the program, then it was back to the hall to start playing as the parents came in. I am so thankful for our refurbished hall--the porch on the back was a God-send last night! We had our annual visit from Father Christmas, and then there was time to enjoy some of the treats at the back! I slept like a rock--the adrenaline had kept me going, but once I left the hall and squelched home I realized that I was exhausted. I'm so glad it's all over--so very, very glad. I'm ready for some time to rest, reorganize and regroup. Teaching is an exhausting profession!

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