Monday, March 2, 2015

Sick Week

Week 7 of term 1 was rather quiet; the biggest thing for me was that I picked up a nasty cold from the students and survived on Dayquill, zinc, and snatching a few minutes of rest when and where I could. I'm doing much better now--things are just draining, but I can breath out of my nose again and make it through a day of teaching without drugs. Hopefully I'll finish kicking this soon so I'll be in top fighting form for the end of term!

The big news in our area this week was the earthquake in Congo which gave us a good aftershock at about 1:30am on February 24th. I was out--Nyquill is a great thing!--but several of the kids and other staff felt it, and apparently the watchman was pretty freaked out. I sort of wish I hadn't missed it, but I needed the sleep. One of the girls told me that she thought the Lord had come back!

Last week one of our new students, a second grader from Angola, was very suddenly pulled out of school so he could go with his mother who works in a government office and was suddenly transfered. The gospel message was quite new to this little boy; we pray that what he heard in his almost two months here will go with him and turn his heart towards the things of the Lord. Sudden transfers like that are all too common in this country; another reminder that we never know how much time we'll have with the kids God has entrusted to us.

Please pray for us as we work on wrapping up this school term, and as we try to plan for the next few terms. There seems to be no short termers interested in Sakeji at the moment, and things are already pretty tight. We know the Lord has as plan for us, and pray that we will continue to trust in Him for either more staff or more strength and grace. This school has been around for 90 years and the Lord has never failed it yet.

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