Sunday, February 22, 2015

Short week, but oh so long!

Week 6 started with two days 'off', half-term, but I sure didn't feel like I was very off! There were two big tests to prepare for and give, a backlog of marking to get caught up on, and the million and one little jobs that cry for attention every day. Was I ever glad that I'm off this weekend!

The big item of news in my life this week is that my new chairs arrived! My old living room chairs in addition to being rather plain, are not very comfortable at all. Here is the old-

-and here are the new chairs and coffee table!

Buying furniture and assembling it makes me feel like I might actually be a grown up!

Please pray for the staff at Sakeji over the last few weeks of school. We are managing with the Lord's help, but we are working full out. The 240 power situation has been a real challenge, and so far there are no short termers looking to come out this year. We know the Lord provides all things; pray that we will wait upon Him and continue to serve faithfully.

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