Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week the Second

Another school week down, ten more to go! I'm hoping that this week my students will be a bit more attentive and plugged in; hopefully the weekend off will do them some good. The big thing that happened this week was as a part of our study of energy which is moving into machines, my students got a tour of our generator house,

and the turbine which right now is only producing a small amount of 240 power for the school, but every little bit helps!

I was thrilled that it worked out for this 'field trip;' we've been trying to get the kids to be more energy and water conscious as we come to the end of the dry season, and it was great that they could see the different turning on just one set of lights made.

Speaking of the dry season, we've had rain on the last three days! I don't think they have come for good, but they made for a very welcome respite from the dryness of the last few months. Plus, when it rains the afternoons aren't quite so oppressively hot!

Parting Shot: For my mom, here is a picture of the old water wheel. There is rarely enough water for both the turbine and the water wheel, and since we now have a solar array which does the job of charging the 110 battery banks, the water wheel is enjoying a quiet retirement.

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