Tuesday, October 6, 2015

So, week 4, but it's part way into week 5...

This weekend on was a little...crazy. Last week was a bit crazy! Wednesday was Birthday Party; the theme was space. I went as the planet Uranus with a little extra sci-fi for anyone who cared to notice. Here I am sans my rings also known as a hula hoop

Since it's the end of dry season, the maintenance guys have been doing some work on the channel that feeds our pool and turbine. So, on Saturday the pool was empty, and the kids got to play in the river. I would have got some pictures, but I was busy getting splashed and making sure that the fun didn't get too out of hand.

This Friday and Saturday are half-term, so hopefully I'll be able to post a 'real' entry. Till then, I have math to mark! Thank goodness that we've left percents and are into geometry...

Parting shot: Look what came up in my garden!

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