Monday, January 25, 2016

The First Full Week of Term—the Highlights

* We got our 2016 resolution mobiles done and up in the windows! I love the sound they make blowing in the wind, and the splash of color they bring to our classroom.

* We went all the way through the schedule, and there were no major disasters or omissions! Always a risk, especially when you have changed some things around.

* I have started a cold; I’m hoping it will be a brief one. Bring on the vitamin C!

* We have been covered by clouds and rain just about constantly for the last 4 days. Therefore, my shower this morning was a rather chilly affair. Oh the joys of solar water heaters!

* I have been exhausted every day when I finally go to fall into bed, but the Lord is constantly performing the miracle of the widow’s flour and oil in my life. One day at a time, pouring out the grace for that moment.

* This grade 6 class is very, very different from last years class. Plans are accordingly adjusting…

* God is good. Always, and in every circumstance. God IS good.

Parting shot: I caught this double rainbow up on the airstrip a few days ago—isn’t is lovely?

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