Thursday, April 7, 2016

A lightning strike and some recovery

Things are fairly quiet on station now except for the ever present cement mixer. I’ve done some house cleaning, lots of reading and knitting, and have made some progress on some PD that has been waiting till now when I have time to do it. The only things noteworthy that have happened the first week was the accidental felling of a tree onto one of our chalets,

and I almost stepped on a snake while walking on the airstrip. Thankfully I noticed it in time, and was able to levitate out of the way. It was fat and a light green color, and looked as grateful to not be stepped on as I was to have not stepped on it. That got my heart pounding for a bit though, let me tell you!

I was going to write yesterday, but we had a big storm come through that didn’t seem like such a big deal, but a tree just below my house was struck by lightning, and that strike did quite a bit of damage. Covers of breaker boxes and phone jacks were shot off in several houses, and the strike must have hit something in the ground as several houses have a small chunk of cement or a line of tiles from the floor blasted off. I’ve got partial power in my house just now; they haven’t figured out how to get the 110 lights back on again. You would never have thought that particular storm would produce such a fierce charge, but it all goes to show that you just never know!

Parting shot: One of the best parts of holiday, is getting to enjoy this view, pink lemonade, knitting, and Great Courses on my back porch.


  1. Hi, you mentioned Great Courses; are those the courses from the Teaching Company?

  2. Yes, they are! I have really enjoyed all the ones I've listened to so far.