Monday, November 14, 2016

Thus begins the last 'normal' week of school

I’m trying to remember what all happened this last week. Um… Half-term, the 7-9th graders made it safely back from the Copper Belt sports tour, my kids were totally ‘hung over’ for most of the week, and I had a busy weekend on. I’ve been working through preparations for next term—things as mundane as notebooks and binders set aside and labeled and the more exciting such as a big ‘where to find it’ document for whoever fills in for me. I have my big bag half packed, and I need to weigh it to figure out how much of the stuff currently stacked on top of it is going to get to go home that way.

So far my shoulder is holding out; I’m being very careful how I use it. I’ve started playing through the whole program once a day to try and build up some more endurance, and I’m being careful how much I knit to avoid straining it prematurely. Please pray that I’ll be able to make it through the program and the rehearsals without too much pain.

Parting shot: The skies here remind me to lift my eyes up to my Maker and the source of my strength.

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