Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Today I was able to share a little about what I'm doing in Zambia to witness relationally to my students at a Life Group at LeTourneau University. The opportunity came up because I had gone to speak to an old professor last week, and what was meant to be a quick hello became an hour and a half of talking with Dr. K and his wife. They are both lovely people, and it was a rare treat to have such an intelligent conversation about missions and evangelism. Also out of that visit, I read the book Questioning Evangelism this weekend; very thought provoking, and well worth it.

On Sunday I went to the early service at a local church and ran into an old family friend. At first I thought God was just being nice and putting a friendly face in the doorway for me, but I ended up having a wonderful conversation with this dear lady that blessed me immensely. We both were amazed at how God orchestrated our mornings so we would have that time to be together; His constant care of the details in my life is amazing!

I am preparing to take the first of my big trips--this month is the Nashville/Atlanta visit, and I'm still working on March. Prayers for safety as I drive would be appreciated, as well as for health in the face of all the seasonal ills!

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