Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Home...for a few days at least!

I've been doing a lot of traveling in the last two weeks--in fact, I have been through 9 states in 10 days. Getting to spend time with so many lovely people has been so healing and so wonderful; it has been absolutely worth all the early mornings and many miles. First I got to spend a few days with my sister in Nashville.

While there I got to have lunch with my lovely great aunt and uncle--another wonderful conversation!

While I didn't get a picture, Mary and I drove over to have lunch with our grandparents and another great aunt. Then, I headed down to Atlanta to see my other grandmother and my aunt. It worked out that I was there for Oma's birthday, and we went out that evening with another great aunt and uncle!

Also while I was in Atlanta, I spent two days with a dear friend who took me to the delightful Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

I drove back from Atlanta, had about 9 hours at home to re-pack, and then I flew up to Philadelphia to visit another dear friend who lives in Delaware. We had a wonderful time visiting, knitting, and seeing the sights in historic Philadelphia.

After all that, I got to spend the afternoon with another friend from LU days, and to pick up some great bargains at Halfpriced Books. So, it has been a very busy last two weeks, but I have been so blessed by the sweet fellowship of friends and family. People are so important, and to spend time with those who know me and can help me work through things has been soul medicine. To all you who let me crash with you for a few days, I am profoundly grateful.

This morning I was able to get in for another doctors appointment, and I now have a name to give to the shoulder pain that has complicated my life for almost two years now. I have some medicine and practical measures to get rid of the massive knot that is causing a trapezius muscle spasm as well as to hopefully prevent it from getting this bad again. Again, I am so thankful for a diagnosis, for help, and for the hope of getting this under control. God is good!

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