Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Home...for another week!

I apparently haven't downloaded my pictures from Canada yet, and I didn't take that many because to be quite honest I was far too busy living, but I figured I should do another update on the wild life of Lina. First, a quick run-down of my Canadian trip:

* I was stranded at Laguardia Airport for 28 hours. This meant I spent the night partly on the floor and partly in the food court, and that I now would rather wrestle a yeti than go back there again.

* Beth rescued me, and we got to see Niagara Falls from both sides.
* The Canadian border guards take themselves VERY seriously.
* I got to hold four day old goat kids, drive a tractor, meet some alpacas, drink Timmies, and got a hair cut.
* It was beyond amazing to get to spend some time with Beth again; I have missed her terribly over the 16 months, and we spent a lot of time talking and knitting.

Now that I'm back Stateside, I have just over a week to fit in all the things I need to do before heading back. Sorting through and packing up personal items, buying the last few things on my list, writing a TExES exam to add the Core Subjects 4-8 to my teachers certification, and two more presentations. Prayers for strength and grace (for others and myself) as I process through the many lists, the many emotions, and make decisions about the next few months would be appreciated. The time went far too quickly...

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  1. Another unforgettable "Lina and Beth road trip!" :D
    Your time here was SO short but I am SOO glad you came!!