Monday, November 2, 2009

4 More Weeks!

These last two weeks have been crazy--hence the lack of blog updating! I have two more weeks of full teaching responsibility and then two more weeks of gradually pulling out after that. I plan to still hang around after my student teaching officially ends to help Mrs. Stone out with La Posada (the BIG Christmas program the kids are working on) as well as to enjoy this last little bit of time with the kids. After that I have my Mobberly recital and then frantic preparations to leave (I hope!).

There are still a little of details both small and large that need to be taken care of before I can leave. Who knew moving overseas was such a big deal? I need to find a plane fare I can afford, decide for sure what my luggage is going to be, start packing and packing away, and tying up all those little loose ends. Please pray for me as I finish these challenging weeks--that I will stay healthy, have the stamina to finish well, and in all I do glorify my God and Father. This fall has been full of challenges and I have been stretched in many new directions. Yet, I'm looking at this is "faith boot camp." Perhaps one day I will be able to progress to level 2! Thanks for all your prayers and e-mails--they mean a lot.

Have a blessed week!

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